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Best Spinner Luggage Suitcase PC Trolley Case Travel Bag Rolling Wheel Carry-On Boarding Men Women Luggage Trip Journey H80002


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Hanke, Chinese Famous Luggage Brand, Come to New York Times Square for 2 Consecutive Years!

100% PC Material

To judge a trolley case’s quality, the key point is its material. We use a new type of composite PC material, which constitutes the main structure of the trolley case.

Different from some ABS+PC materials, the case body is very thin and light, and its elastic characteristics can achieve cushioning effect.

PC can bear 3 times pressure than ABS material. So that's why famous brand luggages like use PC material.

Double Strength Aluminum Telescoping Handle

The telescopic handle is close to the inside of the box, which greatly enhances the space used of the case. Made of double thick aluminum alloy(0.8mm) to enhance the strength of the handle while enhancing the appearance.

Famous Brand YKK Zipper,Luxury Luggage Should Have it!

Famous brand YKK zipper, uses 10 strands to protect the rubber teeth
from deformation and lifting, while Ordinary zipper only use 4 strands.
3 times stronger than normal zipper, making your journey more secure.

Separable Design, Environment Friendly

Each component is independently separable, which makes it easy to sort and recycle the trolley case that has reached the end of its usage life, avoiding non-degradable pollution to the environment.

Luggage Production Flow

Professional makes perfect!

Passed 3 Times of the International Test Standard! Quality is ensured!

Above Test Report is provided by GTT.
Report number: 180328301MO
From the report, you will see Hanke test standard is 3 times of the international standard!
If you need this report, please contact our customer service.

How to set a new password???

Step 1.The password on the Luggage case is set initially at 0-0-0.
Step 2.Push the "trapezoidal button that has a keyhole"to the right.
Step 3.When this button is pushed furthest to the right,the double zipper heads will then pop up,and the password lock is now unlocked.
Step 4.In the original password,use a pointed object(Pen)to hold the small circle.After you hear a slight sound "Da",you can take out the pointed object,and next you can reset the new password at this time.
Step 5.Choose your favorite number as your new password (Note:Must remember the NEW password you set)(For example,the password of the test is 6-7-8)
Step 6.Push to the right with a keyhole trapezoidal button again.The small circle will be rebounded to its original position.So happy,your suitcase's new password is set successfully.
**This is a standard TSA lock and the key is only owned by customs officers.

H80002 Aluminum Frame Version: H9822

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How is Hanke brand?

We are top brand in China. If you have interest, please have a look at Brand Story of Hanke.

3 Years Warranty!!!

Dear friends, all of our products are excellent in materials and technology. Please keep the Luggage after-sales card and enjoy 3 Year Free Repair Warranty. Quality is ensured. Please buy with confidence.

About Cusomts Tax

We are not responsible for any customs tax or fee. Different country has different customs policy. Buyer should be responsible for the import customs clearance and pay for customs tax if there is any. If you need any documents or assistance, please contact us. We will try our best to help you.

Luggage Material Knowledge

What is the difference between PC, PC+ABS, and ABS?

ABS: advantages: hard, high density, low price; disadvantages: very heavy, poor pressure resistance. The ABS trolley case is heavy and cannot be restored after the deformation. After the ABS trolley case is impacted, the box surface will be creased or even burst directly. It is not recommended!

ABS+PC: refers to ABS and PC mixture and then heat a layer of PC film, its performance is between ABS and PC, not as good as PC compression, the material is not as light as PC, the appearance must not be as good as PC.

PC: Also known as "Polycarbonate", the advantages are: light weight, heat resistance, wear resistance, toughness and impact resistance. PC has the most outstanding impact resistance and high toughness, so PC box can withstand transportation squeeze, collide, or even step on. PC material has also been selected as the main material for astronaut helmet masks and aircraft cabin covers. Its light weight solves the problem of load-bearing and improves the impact resistance of the aircraft. Disadvantages: The cost of PC is very high.

In the carrying and transportation of the trolley case, the most important point to be concerned is “weight” and “impact resistance”. No one wants to take a bulky suitcase to travel. The PC material box is characterized by “light”! PC impact resistance is much higher than ABS. After the impact of ABS trolley case, the box surface will appear crease or even burst directly. After the PC box receives the impact, the depression can gradually rebound and return to the prototype. So that is why the better luggage suitcase use pure PC material.

With the improvement of people's living standards, everyone's requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher, and the advantages of PC trolley cases are obvious. Therefore, most people are also willing to purchase pure PC trolley cases with higher cost performance and more fashionable appearance.

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